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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration 2017

           On 9 May 2017 (25th of Baisakh), our school has organised Rabindra Jayanti in a befitting manner. On that day two competitions were held, one was Class wise Recitation Competition, where four groups were there. Class I & II were in  1st group,  class III & IV were in 2nd group, class V, VI & VII were in 3rd group and class VIII & IX were in 4th group. Students  from Class I to Class VII had recited Bengali poems, where as Class VIII and IX had recited English poems of Rabindranath  Tagore.

The other one was ‘House Wise’ group song (Rabindra Sangeet) competition, our four groups- Aagney House, Eeshan House, Nairrty House and Vaayvy House had perticipited. In this competition Nairrty house and Aagney house got the 1st & 2nd position respectively.
Apart form these competition our three students and a teacher, had given speech about Rabindranath Tagore.

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