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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Kalpataru Diwas 2022

1st January 2022

When it comes to the 1st January, our Vidyalaya known to celebrate the day by remembering Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the guru of Vivekananda. The day we celebrate as Kalpataru Day also called Kalpataru Diwas or Kalpataru Utsav is also an annual religious festival observed by monks of the Ramakrishna Math monastic order of Hinduism and lay followers of the associated Ramakrishna Mission, as well as the worldwide Vedanta Societies. The event commemorates the day on 1 January 1886, when his followers believe that Ramakrishna revealed himself to be an Avatar, or God incarnate on earth. 

The day became very special because some of our students who have decided to share their unused cloths with the extremely needy people so that they can have some relief from the winter. Indeed this gesture is very impressive and shows the sprite of make the life of others better through your action and true meaning of "Man Making Nation Building" was achieved.